Miley Cyrus
Life Has A Rating Lyrics

Ohh Ohh Ohh
Life has a Rating and God is the judge
If you get a one you will probably be shunned
If you get a two then you just might get through
If you get a three….oh baby or almost there
If you get a four you will get a chance for sho’
If you get a five that is where you strive, you are half way there
If you get a six you will probably get a good chance
If you get a seven you are on your way to heaven
If you get an eight you can open up those Heaven Gates
If you get a nine then its almost time..
If you get a TEN you haven’t committed almost any sin

If life has ratings then always try your best
You do the best you can
And hope its enough to stand
You need good friends to help you when you fall
if your different in the end it doesn’t matter at all
Always be yourself and you are less likely to fall

God made everyone different because everyone is special
He made you the way you were and that’s the way he wants you

Believe in his gifts
Don’t doubt his ability
Live your life to fullest because today could be you last
You never know what could happen to your friends and family
Today could be there last day and their last memories
I know we aren’t perfect people
But we live for the same reason
To live for our God
Today could be you last day so make the best
These are the times you’ll remember forever
And I’ll be there for you until the very
Live to the greatest and remember these words
God is watching you and he’ll punish you
God is always there for you in hard times
He’ll be your best friend forever
I hope you enjoy life and that it lasts for a while……

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