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You and I – we’ve been through a lot together. And I look back and I just uh, I appreciate all the times that we had together, you know? I remember just going down in my room and, you know down, and trying to deal with some things and you have always been there for that. Always, it’s me and you

You and I been best friends ever since I was a young kid
Everything we did, where has time went?
Got a lot of years coming up ahead of us and ever since we met
I knew we’d get somewhere
But the fact is I ain’t really, I ain’t really know where
I don’t really know how either
But I can feel the goosebumps my skin, writin’
I’ve been waiting for the moment
You and I gon’ make it happen
Lot of people thinking we ain’t gon’ make it rapping
I ain’t got a problem with ’em though that don’t even matter
We ain’t looking for the people tryna say that we the baddest
No never like that
Came a long way never did it for the money
We ever make it back I’m a give it to the family
Looking back now everything is lookin’ funny
You and I in the room writing
Up late when the moon strikes us
We don’t care if they do like us
Writing song for the haters we ain’t even got yet
Free-styling somebody turn the mic up
Talking bout things we don’t really understand
Talking bout things we don’t really comprehend
Me and you tryna get it we ain’t quitting ’til the end
Now I’m standing on stage tryna give it to the fans

We took that karaoke machine from my room
And ah, hooked it up to my CD player and played instrumentals
Man, we’ve come a long way, a long way

I made a lot of mistakes
You’ve been there for the whole thing
Help me with the drama
Rapping in the car outside daily
In the summer I remember writing raps with the curse words
I just wanna hear it
It seems like everybody does it
Did it for awhile wasn’t into all the cussin’
Trying to find who I was
Being everything I wasn’t
Real life yeah
Gotta lot of anger
You know where I’m at
Put it in the pages
And wrote in in the raps

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