Nicki Minaj
Gettin’ Paid Lyrics

I dont care what you haters say , im gettin paid
I don’t , I don’t care what you haters say , im getting

[ Nicki Minaj: ]
Its going down down barbie ,
Pushin’ the pink farari .
I breeze through Africa just to see the Safari
I am the baddest bitch in America
Slicker than a jerry curl
Just ask erica the black sarah jessica j-j-j-j-jessica

Don’t be text messaging me I never check my messages
Only thing you can ask me is how I want my sandmiches
I want more cheese , lots and lots of cheese
And when im on the stage its with S.Bee
And when you see my luggage it says L.V.
And when im on the plane its so empty.
Hmmm , that’s why all these female rappers Envy
( ha ha ha ha )

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