Nicki Minaj
Miss Independent Lyrics

You wanna please me then get down for ya crown
You know they call me Downtown Julie Brown
I get a lot, get a lot head
I get a lot of fades
And I get a lot dreads
See I be in the town closin’ million dollars deals up
Real nice view with my million dollar heels up
Tell the DJ Nicki Minaj said to reel up rewind
Ya’ll never met a muthafuckin’ boss this fine
I get my own thing, my own bloodclot thing
That’s why they call me misses badda bing, badda bing
I’m lookin’ for a king with some good ding a ling
Big truck, beenie man, throw some sim, sima in
I fucks with boss bitches
Type to be caught divorcin’ bitch niggas
Corsets and horses
A lot of pink Porshes
Custom made plates, I stay lookin’ for some bosses


When you approach me say boss
Because I paid the muthafuckin’ costs
I’m in a Porshe listenin’ to Rick Ross
Because I am the muthafuckin’ boss

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