Nicki Minaj
Set It Off Lyrics

[talking: Nicki Minaj]
Chea, Nicki Minaj, Dirty Money, Young Money
Yo why the fuck these lil’ bitches always talkin’ shit about what they did and
I don’t give a fuck bitch! Nicki Lewinsky

When you was on stage with your brain on drugs, nick nack carry crack what my nickname was
And when you was in the hood with bottles of OE, I was OT lookin’ real low key
I do a striptease if the cops stop me, a pair of guess jeans and some beef and broccoli
I was at the rucker I was sippin’ on a Smucker’s, I was rockin’ hats that was made for the truckers
That’s when I hopped out the pink on pink, hate it when a bitch act like her shit don’t stink
See you was drippin’ wet you was jumpin’ in the crowd, I was in a jet I was swervin’ through a cloud

[Talking: Nicki Minaj]
You know, I’m a put them bitches in a time machine and and and and send ’em back to the past and shit
Bitches always talkin’ ’bout shit they did and all that bitch get in a time machine

Time machine bitches always talkin’ bout the old days
When they was hot when they was tourin’ with the OJs
I tell a bitch this I’m not impressed bitch
I’m Nicki m trick I’m always on the guest list
I’m on my way to rickers island with a couple hard
I’m on a bike 954 double r
And they don’t write shit they might write a couple bars
That’s why they gettin’ drop drop like a couple cars (you shouldn’t have said that)
NY to no late night shows like Letterman and Lenno
End where you cut it homeslice your garbage
White boys tell me that I rock like guitars

[talkin: Nicki Minaj]
See see you see Anna Mae, I’m bout to slap y’all bitches ’round and call y’all Anna Mae
Like that, that’s what y’all go get in a minute, real real talk like ’cause you know, this is ’08 now like so
Anything you talk about like it gotta be, it gotta be at least within a 2 year radius type shit like
I, I don’t care what happened 50 years ago like you know, you know, you know call all bets, all bets are off bitches
You know game just begun

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