Nicki Minaj
Sweet Dreams Lyrics

Young money right chere’ by gear throw it up no high chair cold like a white bear freddy kruger i’m a rap bitch nightmare and i’m rich i can buy you kill bitches leave they body in a bayou more brain than a IQ more head than a dread MIYO and my bank account ain’t hardly empty that’s why i come through in a barbie bentley so please mamacita please no envy when you come around it reads no entry whose next to go my flow so flexible get gased then get at me texaco shoot yourself in the leg plexico white jag with the twisted lip i ain’t mike jack but this is it b-b-b-bomb everywhere you like ballon boy mama you is never there i am the kung fu panda fuck all of ya blogs fuck all of ya propaganda good for the goose than it’s good for the ganda nicki ain’t a rapper nicki is the brand of please you could never compare to me all these bitches is scared of me i am who they couldn’t even dare to be so that’s all folks ve-dev-a-de i go hardcore hospital flow get more gore i’ma bad bitch on all fours the president be like.

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