Nicki Minaj
Tambourine Lyrics

[talking: Nicki Minaj]
Minaj A.K.A, you know
When I do it like I get the tambourines, I get the whistles, I get all that
You know what I’m sayin’ like I might put some Shirley Temple curls and all that but I’m still a boss bitch
Like like don’t get it twisted you know I do this lil’ this lil’ this lil’ party shit this lil’ tambourine shit
All that shit you know the drums I got some Africans with me sit on your favorite Africans face it’s nothing
But look, I goes in nigga

Fuck a lick a whore, I’ll stick a whore in the 44 tell her lick a more
You got a sick flow, I’m sick-a-more, it’s like a game show when I pick-a-door
Guess who’s next 2 get bodied when I catch u in your maserati, eehh
Nicki been hot since she was givin’ high fives
Headed to the spot with the I-95
When I come through everybody say hi, I get it free lil’ mami why buy?
I am the one and you’re a dun dunn dunn, I can say nothing make it sound like something

[Talking: Nicki Minaj]
Where my bitches at, I see you, uh huh, okay, come on come on come on, let’s get it let’s get it uh huh, 1 2 3

Why they come with it I mean why they all on me
My name Nicki, pretty Nicki what they call me
Just got the lens and I put it in my frame, just got the benz and I put it in my name
Just got that rope got that dookie gold chain, just got that dope bamboo earrings
Now all I need is some big dingalang, school bella rang like tangalang-a-lang
Say I’m too pretty to be spittin’ this rotten, bitch get slick then a bitch get gotten
Now I’m the master that’s what’s poppin’, oh lawdy pick a bail of cotton

[talkin: Nicki Minaj]
Dam I gotta laugh cause you can’t be serious like I’m playin’ with these bitches I’m laughin’ all the way to the bank
Fifty holla atcha girl Southside, Jamaica, Queens it’s nothing
Uh come on, I’m a do the Beyonce dance and all that I’m bout to shoot a video to This shit and all that chea
Getcha getcha tambourine bitches [x2]

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