Nicky Jam
Chosen Few Lyrics

Yo yo
nicky jam yo
los pocos elegidos!
ja ja
yo….. ya tu sabes como va

Esta para la gente que no sabe que yo le meto un poco flow de hip hop
para demostrar el corillo

hey yo Im down for the money
man I call it dinero
with 2 cases on the side
and im back in the middle
with my hand on the rubber
and your head on the metal
nicky jam on the music
and ______________
i survived from the devil
i survived from the ghetto
i survived from the block
and i survived when i get em
its like, dont give a fuck bout none of ya niggaz
dont give a fuck about none of ya triggers
u got guns, cause u got 150 u think u jigga
im’a kill you and your motherfucking niggaz
its off, when in the ship when im in the game
I go… straight for the head when i shoot and aim its all
a bunch’a hustlin to get the pay and if u niggaz in my way
gonna die today, so , nicky jam has to spit them weights, so
fuck these motherfuckers im’a get the pace, so

You know how we do
more than 16 years living in puerto rico
los pocos elegidos, the flow yo
Ja…nicky jam en los pocos elegidos
yo yo yo yo los pocos gidos (ponte tranquilo)

Esto es para la gente que no sabe que nicky es ( los poco , los poco, loc poco)
donde esta el hip hop de verdad, and im ready to battle all yall niggaz
for real

los pocos elegidos Yo (ooooohh)
nicky jam yo
boy wonder (ya tu sabes como va)
now latest in the beat
the chosen few (jejeje)
Mickey Mack
its all good in the hood
New York
Nicky jam Yo
Ya tu sabes como va socio
un poco flow
Told yall niggaz i could do this shit

The chosen few (ooooh)
The chosen few
The chosen few yo
nicky jam Yo

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