R. City
Keep It Coming Lyrics

All the way that monkey swinging ….
One more ….
I need you to know that you are my official unofficial sexy ..
Make it whistle baby roll down
You may be .. baby girl .. monster
… in the sheets cause I’m gonna put it on you
I can see the problem … solve it.. take that up
Baby girl I got you

Cause every single night
And every single day
Baby we’ve been making love
You on top of me, me on top of you
It’s all you got me thinking of
Cause I see you running from this good loving
Shorty I know you want it
I’m gonna keep it coming

Shorty I know you want it
I’m gonna keep it coming
Please don’t stop the music
Cause you’re messing with my flow now

Gotta be thing so I’m hitting on your doors now
Heating up the block baby heating up the spot
I’m the demolition man I came to take the walls down
I know you like it I got everything that you need
Don’t try to fight it just come on and give it to me
Anytime … anyhow anyplace I’m gonna put it on you
Cause I know what you like


Might run but you won’t get far
Turn the lights so we can play in the dark girl
If you let me I’m gonna get you what you want
See all this loving I’m gonna get it to you
It’s on me two girl
Ain’t no telling what we’re ought to do
If you don’t make me chase you


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