Regine Velasquez
Fast Lyrics

I can’t believe what’s happening to me
My heart leaps when I hear your name
You’re all I think about whenever I’m alone
I think I’m falling
I’m falling
I can’t believe what’s happening to me
Can’t believe the joy seeing you can bring
I never thought I’d know what it means to be in love
But I’m falling
I’m falling
Falling fast, oh so fast
I’m falling fast for you
Oh, so fast
Hold me fast and make my dreams come true
Hear my heart beat faster
Now happy ever after
I think I’ve found true love in you at last
And, love, I’m falling fast
Oh so fast.
I can’t believe what’s happening to me
Things are brighter than they’ve ever been
You’ve brought the light into my life
In the wink of an eye
Iam falling
I’m falling
(Repeat Chorus twice)

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