Regine Velasquez
Let You Be Lyrics

Time goes by after sad goodbye-s. So many changes meeting new faces
Different places with different cases. For other concerns your heart now burns

Can we still be together I ask. On my shy face I put on a mask
Am I a block to your destiny. Or maybe I should just let you be

Maybe I should learn to call on you. Like what you used to do when you’re blues

Bring back yesterday I sing. When friendship was a spontaneous thing
Am I part of your destiny. Or maybe I should just let you be

Time moves in circles. Here I hope for miracles. Lost in confusion. I don’t know
How to move on

Am I too selfish on my part. Thinking you left me. Now we’re apart. But it’s unfair
Of you to leave me here. Living your dreams while I weep here in tears

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