Robin Thicke
Lock the Door Lyrics

One, two, look at you
Three, four, she locked the door
I keep knockin’ and knockin’ and knockin’ and knockin’

She was born in Paris
At the age of 21
Love knew her
But she didn’t know love
Love didn’t hear her when she cried
Love didn’t stand by her side
On the most important night, oh yeah

And now she’s flyin’ high
You can’t hurt her no more
And now she’s locked the door
Cause you broke the key
And she got a bright spot on her face
Bow that she got that little taste
She just wants more
She just wants more
She locked the door

I kept tryin’ to tell you you were pushin’ me too far
(She locked the door)
I kept tryin’ to warn you you was slowly breakin’ my heart
(She locked the door)
I kept givin’ you all of it but you took way too much
(She locked the door)

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