Tim McGraw
Welcome To The Club Lyrics

I couldn’t help but overhear you talking to yourself
How she slipped right through your hands
And in between all of the four letter words
You said your never gonna understand
You gave her everything you thought she ever wanted
Now all you want is gone
Your Just One of Many Broken Hearted
Wondering what went wrong


Welcome to the club
Don’t be thinking you’re the only one
Who’s heart was in a hit and run
While you looked the other way
As you’re howling at the moon
Take a look around the room
At all your fellow fools of love
Welcome to the club

Over in the corner is ol’ Larry John
Getting over wife number two
And sitting next to him is a regular here
They’re as lonely as me and you
We got one thing in common
When we walked in
A memory we’re trying to kill
Swearing up and down we’ll never try again
But we know we will


Welcome to the club (x3)

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