Beast Lyrics

Watching black cats
Walking under ladders
Staring at my past
As the mirror shatters
Stepping on the cracks
Racing down a dark street
Pacing to my heart beat
And knowing that it doesn’t matter

Would be mad to believe it
‘Cause if I need a reason
I ain’t here to ease in
I’m a demon
And I’m fiending for the fear that’s breathing
Why you feel that terror
Shaking in your bones
I don’t need your luck
Told you, I can make my own

Welcome to the feast
I unleash
I’m a motherfucking beast
I’m a motherfucking beast

Scared to be great
Wish I’d ‘a been less
Hold it away
Let go of the stress
Then I turn up the bass
‘Til it burn in my chest
I stare no in the face
‘Til it turn into yes

See all the superstitions
Never gave me wood to knock on
Never had no scholarship
And now I’m starting as a walk on
Can’t hold me down
I feel these chains
And I’m breaking out
Get ’em off
And I won’t start
Let me go off right now
And show these motherfuckers I’m a beast

Let’s go
I’m a beast
I’m a beast
I thought I told you, yeah
I am a beast

These long days
And late nights
You’re in the tank with a great white
Taking what I need
And I live by three words
And that’s “Why not me?”

Didn’t want me to have it
‘Til I check and I came with the magic flashing
And everything I touch straight classic
Try to put me in a box I smash it
Feel that fire now that’s burning in your bones
Never give me anything
I want to take it on my own

So welcome to the feast
I unleash
I’m a motherfucking beast
I’m a motherfucking beast
You know a motherfucking beast
(All right)
Yeah you know that I’m a motherfucking beast

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