High As A Kite Lyrics

Lil Wayne:

Hello world!
Young moola baby!

Nicki Minaj:

Murda dem
Murda dem (Yeah)
Just one word body a third of them (Nicki)
I kick kick game, can’t injure Nicki (Minaj)
That’s why they nick-nicknamed me Ninja Nicki

Nicki Minaj:
I’m such a yes
And you’re a no no
Live with a Dragon
And wear a kimono
I’m from the Filipine
Better than Billy Jean
Guess that is why I get more head than an a guillotine
But then I’m dumb struck
Cause you bums suck
Where the um—where the fuck is my nunchuck
I’m in tokyo
With the cokeio (*Cocaine aka Coke)
Somebody sleepin’ in my bed like Nokio
You gettin’ ill, I bet
Poppin’ a pill again
I’m on ah Island and I’m
Lookin’ for Gilligan
Where my timberland
I got’em tremblin
Can’t find my keys but I know I hear them jingling
Your such a Marilyn—Monroe and Manson
I’m got some heroin, wanna go dancing?
You at the door, ok
I’m bout to come now
I’m getting numb now
Let me come now

Chorus (Nicki Minaj):
Sniffing on some good blow (Nicki Minaj!)
I’ts like I’m sippin on tha temple
And I can’t come down now (I’ts the president y’all and that’s the mistress)

‘Cause I’m higher than higher than higher than a kite

Lil Wayne:
Young moola baby!
I do what I does
I come through this bitch
Risk blue and ’cause
I’m so 5 star su woop to the bloods
And before I had a mirror I knew who I was
I know where I’m goin’
I knew where I was
Yeah dat da da dirty dirty south
See my shoe full of mud
Baby who can you trust?
Who can you love when love kills like somebody gave Cupid a gun
It go (BAW!)
Like you shooting for fun
And sometimes the solution is execution for some
Besides, you don’t want that intrusion at one, a.m
And the conclusion is you losing a son
No inducing my funds
I smoke tha fruitiest blunts
I mean the stupidest buds
I get stupid as duh
I swear my doobie is uh—fat and just like it you can get lit
Shit don’t stank when you shittin’ in the bank
When her man run an errand I’ma hit her like “Hey”
Look him in the eye and a nigga might blink
Aim at his brain and a nigga might think

Chorus (Nicki Minaj):

Sniffing on some good blow (Young Money)
I’ts like I’m sippin on tha temple (Dirty Money)
And I can’t come down now (Cash Money)
‘Cause I’m higher than higher than higher than a kite

Lil Wayne:
Yo, It’s the President man, and the Mistress, Ms. Nicki Minaj. Aka Nicki Lewinsky. Yeah. And I am the president, shut yo mouth!
Lyrics Posted by: Ms.N.Tweety

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